Pastor Elaine Wood

Pastor Elaine has been in Children’s ministry for over 25 years with extensive experience in teaching the uncompromised Word of God to a generation that is being raised in a world of compromise and confusion. Having served in many areas of Children’s Ministry, both in the nursing field and in church leadership, she finds her heart always leading her back to where the kids are. During these years she has had the opportunity to invest in countless young lives, believing that we are transforming and training children today for the church of today and tomorrow. Pastor Elaine holds a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies from Carolina University School of Theology. She holds the distinction of serving as the first National Children’s Ministry Director for the International Pentecostal Holiness Church and is an Ordained Minister in the Appalachian Conference of the IPHC. Pastor Elaine regularly speaks at youth camps, seminars and conferences on children’s ministry. Contact Pastor Elaine